Now that I’ve gotten the Fiat back on 4 wheels after 4 months up in the air— of *course* it won’t start now. Ran fine when I put it up on stands...

Car will start with carb cleaner sprayed down the carb barrel, but there’s no juice going to the fuel pump, hence no fuel in the carb, hence no ignition otherwise.

Fuel pump will run with a 2A 12V tender with one lead hooked to the hot wire and one lead hooked to a bolt ground... so I’m really not sure what’s up. I *think* I located the inline fuse, which looked fine.

Looking like I won’t have the car ready for my wedding in 2 weeks, after all :( Can’t afford to drop $400 to have a shop sort it out, at least not until after the honeymoon.... and I’m freakin’ worthless when it comes to electrical work.


From some past research on the Ignition cylinder, it had a blue wire and a blue/red wire spliced together, going into one of the terminals.


From some help on the forum, they’d identified some things:

Brown wire. “Hot all the time” feeds battery voltage to the ignition switch terminal 30
Blue & blue/red “Hot in start and run” connects to “int” terminal on switch. The “int” terminal is connected to terminal 30 in “start and Run” . position of the ignition switch.


The blue/red wire seems to be the critical one, in this case.

Sorry for the quality, my phone camera sucks— again, another expense I’m saving for a month or so from now


Wires coming out of ignition cylinder, the blue/red one is the one to focus on
Here you can see where the blue/red wires are spliced together with these blue connector things... only the blue/red wire emerges out the other side.


The blue/red wire goes into another blue splice thing, the other input to that splice thing is a brown wire, which goes through this fuse

Meanwhile, the red wire goes directly to the fuel pump. Basically, I think the red wire is directly wired to the blue/red output on the back of the ignition cylinder— it doesn’t seem like that fuse from the brown wire would have any effect. Maybe I can use a scotchlock and run a wire from the blue/red wire to the fuel pump, bypassing the existing red wire, and see if that works...