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I hate exams designed to make you fail: Rant

I’m studying for my architecture licensure exams, and am becoming infuriated at one specific type of recurring question: the “select all that apply” questions.

You typically have to choose 4 correct answers out of 6 options...but there’s no partial credit. I almost always get 3/4 of the correct answers...which means I get the whole question wrong despite knowing a passing majority of the answers. These questions make up like 25% of the exam, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to get a quarter of the exam wrong.

Meanwhile, you only need to score like a 60% to pass the exam. So it’s OK if I get 40% of the questions wrong, but not OK if I get just 25% of a multi-part question wrong?


Does anyone else feel like that’s bullshit?


Yin/Yang GT4's for your time.

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