I Hate Ferrari Owners

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More specifically your stereotypical Ferrari owner who dresses in Ferrari clothing every time he drives the car.


Today I went to a car show, I took my Ferrari with me. I wore jeans, ripped tennis shes, and a short sleeve henley. None of it says Ferrari.

There were a few other Ferraris around, a 400i, an F430 (who’s owner I spoke to and he was pretty cool), 2 458 italia convertibles, and a 458 speciale.


I see a black 458 pull up and a man and his son get out in full Ferrari dress. Shirts, hats, shoes, etc. I walk over to check out the car and I see the owner nearby and say, simply, “Hey, how you doing?”

He looks at me, looks at his son, the son and him both look back at me, and then turn past and walk away.


Okay douche bag.

Later, a Murcialago pulls in. I see the 458 owner walk over and greet the guy getting out of it and introduce himself and his son. Now I get the connection. I’m not all Ferrari’d out and you didn’t explicitly see me getting out of mine so we can not associate.


Later, my theory was validated when a gentleman in a red 458 went to get into his car and leave and the guy with the black 458 rushed over to speak to him and introduce himself as well.

Fuckoff buddy! I hope your douche bag son takes your car on a joyride one night and wraps it around a light post.

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