Might sound like a lame ass story but here goes. I’m driving home (my finals ended early) turning onto the highway and this fucker in this janky ass Mazda Tribute whips across three lanes of traffic, shoots the gap in between an F-150 and my car and nearly rips the back end of the mini off. All of this was when I was slowing for a red light. So I look back like “y tho” and he keeps getting closer to my car. Then as the light turned green, he proceeds to tailgate me down the entrance ramp and floors it by me while flipping me off. So I’m like “ok that’s weird” and thought nothing of it. So I get off the highway at my exit and pull up to another stoplight and I notice the car looks familiar and it’s that Mazda Tribute so I’m like “fuck here we go.” I had my windows down bc it’s nice out so the driver decides to roll his down and talk to me. Never a good sign. He’s like “what the fuck were trying to say back there pussy” so I replied with “I wasn’t trying to say anything but you almost crashed into me.” Then the light turns green and he yells “fucking snowflake” out the window, gets into my lane and decides to break check me. Luckily my brakes are better than a Mazda suvs. So I brake, jump into the left lane and the guy is holding a baseball bat and yelling pull over so I pulled over down the first road I find and it’s a backroad I know well and I outrun him. LMP1 battles for your time.