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I Hate House Hunting

Personal Rant after buffer image


It coming to that time again that I need to start looking for a new place to rent since my .... rentee? Wants to move out of her apartment and thus I’ll need a new place. Unfortunately where I live a 200 sqft studio would be $1000 a month with a $2000 deposit and probably a combination stool, blood, and urine sample (Futurama joke). But still it is ridiculous and I can barely afford the stupid shitty apartment room I have now. I know I could afford more if I sold my car, but then I’d have no car to get to work. I really hate this town and I just wish I could make enough to actually live here....On top of that I work full time, go to school part time to try and finish my AA, and try to have friends. I have enough to stress about. Anyway, just needed to vent a little. Stupid California.


Is it too much to ask for to make a good living being a photographer?! Fuck that means buying a new camera too... Lost all that in the ruining of a relationship. Oh well

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