Kims Blackberry Bold bit the spoon..

I too had a Blackberry bold. It was awesome. (This was back in college when blackberry was all the rage, and iphone was just emerging.)

Now for those who dont know, the Bold 9000 was the biggest Blackberry there was. Best keyboard, best screen, etc.

And it was very customizable, for instance I blacked mine out and added a carbon fiber back plate.



The necks I would break whenever I wipped it out...never mind the blinding rate of sexting that was possible on that thing. SLAY, SLAY, SLAY!

I lost it to some NYC slush in 2010...

Man I miss that phone. (still have it too, it serves as a reminder of a great time in Blackberrys history, and mine!)


Since I’ve survived on hand-me-downs from my parents, every time one gets a new iphone, I get their old one. I like it that way, cant get disappointed with a choice I didn’t make.

Thanks mom and dad.