I’m doing My best no to totally turn this into a anti GM rant. I still have an unhealthy love for some of their products but others, god damn I think there’s a Toyota in my future.

So in true Friday the 13th fashion my Impala threw up a CEL. resolution was simple just needed a new solenoid for the fuel breather or what ever that’s called. Fine I fixed that but I also found a fat nail in my left rear tire, no active leak but I didn’t want to drive it out of town for some plans I had on Saturday. just to be safe. So we took the misses Malibooooooooooo. we drive two hour and as we pull of highway into our destination the thing just goes fucking crazy. it sounded like it was about to explode. Mind you this fucking thing is a 2012 with only 58k and one owner, one very bad owner when it comes to taking care of her car before i got there but still.

long story short it’s the exhausts cam position sensor. I threw some sea foam in it and babied it back two hours to home. Will have to take it to my mechanic tomorrow for a quote and to ensure nothing was damaged. it’s much quieter now after running the seafoam through it but still sound slike a god damn diesel and get’s the MPG of a fucking v8 with the power of a two stroke. fucking ahte this car.

I don’t think she’s getting a ATS in the spring after all for I hear the sirens call from the Toyota Camry shores and I fear this captains turning the boat!