Ok so that’s a lot of hyperbole, but HOLY CRAP I TEST DROVE 2 PORSCHE CAYMANS!!! Now, I know you’ve seen recent Porsche test drives (E90M3) but you’ll notice this time it’s “Necessary” Car Buying. Plus I’ve been planning this for a while.

The silver one is a 2014 Cayman S, manual, pretty base options, but with a RED interior. And boy, was it red.... too red. Also, I don’t want silver. Moving on, the black one is a 2016 Cayman base, again pretty base options, again manual.


I started with the 2016, drove a route that involved stop-light traffic, some twisties, and some highway. My plan was to then drive the Cayman S on the same route and see if I really need the extra power. The base Cayman drove very nicely, and I immediately noticed the HEAVY clutch (which I had read about). But, I felt like I’ve only liked heavy clutches in the past, so that was a good sign. Other immediate thoughts are how cozy it feels, how well bolstered the seats are, the visibility and seating position is great, but the pedals are all pushed to the right.

Acceleration isn’t like my mustang, but it’s certainly quick enough around town and even on the highway. Power feels linear in the lower RPMs and like a steeper but still linear line in the higher RPMs. Definitely different keeping the engine at 5500 around town for fun compared to my 5.0 at ~3000. Also, the shift throws are WEIRD. Not bad, not too long or too short, it just felt odd... like they moved by themselves and just sort of...happened. Oh and IDK if it was just my hastily adjusted seating but my elbow is a bit cramped when in 2nd, 4th, or 6th gear (i.e. when the gearshift is leaning towards the rear).

The Cayman S was really the same in a lot of ways as I just described, but the differences were: ride quality a bit bumpy likely due to larger wheels and smaller tires, better engine/exhaust noise (though neither had PSE), and the clutch seemed to engage easier with less throttle input. On the highway, it actually pushed us back into our seats upon acceleration which the base Cayman didn’t. I came away unconvinced... I definitely think I want the S with more power... I’m almost certain. But, I just can’t tell if it justifies the sacrifices (price/year).

CLOSING: This was an awesome day, and incredible driving experiences for me even for just an hour or less. But you know what? The cars felt great, different, small, but not like the most special thing I’d ever felt.... until I got back in my mustang. And now, I’VE BEEN RUINED! Hilariously so. Body roll around every turn, notchy shifts, lugging engine around town.... I love this car but the difference is ridiculous. ***Side note: I thought I had a heavy clutch, but after the Cayman’s I almost punched my clutch through the firewall lol***


Anyway, I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Cayman just jumped ahead of the C7....lot’s to think about.