How many people truly love their job? I’d guess not many. I’m sure many of you like your job, but you probably wouldn’t do it for free, or for less money. Well, you all know I hate my job, and I work in a toxic environment. But, I’m still not ready to devalue myself as a technician and let another shop take advantage of me.

I went in for a second interview at an Audi dealership the other day. I had talked to the service manager last week. I decided to show some initiate initiative and just showed up. We talked for a few minutes, and he asked me to come back and talk to his foreman since he lets him have the final say. Well, that interview went well, except for one thing: money. While he didn’t give me any concrete numbers, he has to confer with the service manager, the number he threw out was two dollars less than what I’m making now. As I left, I was sort of okay with it. But I’ve slept on it, and I’m not okay with it. Even if their benefits make up the difference in lost income, I’m still telling this place, “I don’t think of myself as a high-value technician.” But, I do! I’ve spent many tens of thousands of dollars on tools in the last six years. I went through an automotive technology program at a well-respected school (not UTI, they’re a joke), I have eleven ASEs, and three destinations with them, and I have two state licenses (smog inspector and smog repair). You’d be hard pressed to find someone else like me in the industry that isn’t settled into a shop or another dealer. I also have the drive to learn that it hard to find.

So I don’t think I should take a two dollar an hour pay cut, not when they can easily afford to pay me what I’m making now, and then discuss a new pay rate at the end of the 90 days.

Yeah, I despise my job. My boss is fucking senile (he pees on the toilet and leaves the sink running. Oh and he leaves cars in Drive and then gets out). Customers are idiots and assholes who pee on the toilet too and touch my shit. And I hate the complex where I work. But I have job security. I have free reign of the shop and can do whatever I want to my cars on my own time. That would be hard to find even at an independent shop.

This is just so frustrating because I know I’m worth my current salary, and actually a lot more. But I always get the, “if you are what you say are I don’t see a problem.” But no one is willing to back that bullshit up with actual cash. This industry fucking SUCKS and owners and service managers get away with this shit all of the time. But I won’t put up with it. If I’m stuck here until I finish law school, or get a job with the state, then so be it. Someone has to stand up for decent pay eventually.