I hate old pre-emissions diesels.

Was in a McDonalds parking lot earlier today.

Before leaving, I decided to check my tire pressures as I haven’t done it in a while and I wasn’t in a hurry.

A guy with an F250 pulls in 2 spots over, gets out of his truck and goes into the McDs... and leaves his truck running... with his smelly diesel exhaust aimed right at my car.


I could barely breathe.

I was left thinking these old pre-emission diesels are far more deserving of getting recalled and crushed than the GM EV1 ever was.

I look forward to the day all (or almost all) the pre-emissions diesel vehicles are retired.

Update: And I’m looking forward to the future when the Tesla Semi and other electric commercial trucks start killing the heavy duty diesel market.


And I’m looking forward to hearing bro-dozers and coal rollers crying about the death of their beloved diesels.

Update 2: And I look forward to seeing more and more coal power plants getting shut down and replaced with other solutions like natural gas!!


Update 3: And it will be awesome when the electric Ford F-150 Ford is working on comes out. And that 4 cyl hybrid power train in the Wrangler? Just a matter of time before the Ram pickup trucks go hybrid like a Prius... which will be GLORIOUS!!!

Update 4: I forgot to mention GM... who will likely take their smaller pickup trucks and give them a proper FWD BEV powertrain like they did in the late 1990s with the electric S10.


They could easily do that again today using the powertrain out of the Chevy Bolt... and cancel the diesel version at the same time since the electric powertrain has more torque at lower rpm and has better EPA fuel economy!!!

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