Just received a call from the property manager we use for our rental home in Tucson, AZ and they said the A/C unit took a crap again and needs a “full” replacement, whatever that means. She called and gave me ONLY that info, not how much for replacement or what the actual f*ck went wrong with it.... but don’t worry, it’s been filled with “Freon” to last a couple more weeks. Um wha?

I finally worked out a “maybe” cost of $3-4k depending on our sqft (1210sqft) and the warranty will only cover $1500... I give these idiots $95/mo to deal with the problems so I don’t have to, don’t come to me with problems... I want solutions damnit!

C’mon Tucson housing market! I want to sell this POS!!!!

Jaguar wagon for your time