I hate paint.

I tried last night to start doing the two tone paint job on the Riviera by doing the hood and tops of the fenders black. I grabbed 100grit pad and a random oscillating sander and got rid of most of the surface imperfections on the hood, hit it with a coat of primer, then three coats of rustoleum gloss black as a base coat. Except it wasn’t gloss. It went on the car textured like Rhinoliner, but it was even and had decent build to it which filled in the few surface imperfections I couldn’t get out. Cool. Looks like a base coat.

Then I tried to clearcoat it. Dear god. The clear started striping like none other and refused to go on evenly, due to either the triple-digit heat and 100% humidity, or the fact I left the can sitting out in the sun for a week.



Probably going to try the tried-and-true “rustoleum thinned out 50% and applied with a brush” technique this weekend because spraying in Kansas weather is a non-workable idea.

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