I hate painting

(edit) two walls with super light grey, one of which has the darkest grey option on top. I love it so far. Still undecided as to what the next move should be...


But... I am kinda excited to see how everything comes together! Of these, which would you pick for wall color? They’re all shades of grey

Went to Sherwin-Williams and bought a gallon of light grey, matte paint for my bedroom. After hours of prep work, mostly patching holes (when I bought the condo, I was told the previous owner’s children had airsoft gun wars inside...) I put down a fresh coat and realized I wanted something waaaaay darker.

So light grey will serve as a much needed base coat. I went back and got 5 different samples, which are all satin unfortunately. I forgot to specify, so my fault. I’m pretty set on the top left one which you can see above. Getting a gallon of that in matte finish should cover my whole room, and be slightly lighter in color compared to the satin that you can see in the header image. May do an accent wall... We’ll see how it looks without, first. Trim will probably stay white... Although I’ve thought about doing black trim and door... Popcorn ceilings will be left untouched because I don’t want to deal with that.

Anyways, fun stuff! Hoping to finish two walls today (light gray base, dark grey on top, trim installed and blended) then do one wall a day after work this week.


Will GLADLY accept any painting tips, or design input. Here is the room, right before I started. During the day, with lots of natural light, and at night with blackout curtains and “underglow”

Removed the closet doors to open up the room a bit more. Adventure gallery on the left, clothes on the right
Client gave me a brand new, $500 shag rug because it didn’t quite fit the look she wanted for a specific party. She could have returned it for free, but that wouldn’t have been worth her time
Put in flooring last year. Love it, but like most projects I only finished about 90%. Notice where the trim ends by the side table, and the lack of threshold where the door is

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