At the very least I hate their lack of attention to detail. Like how I have a flip-up touchscreen radio up for sale and I say I’d be interested in trades for a regular god damned radio with “...AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB at the least”



Because those are just some of the features my radio has and I would like to be somewhat even on the trade. I’m not going to trade straight across for your base model JVC with a headphone jack. I have a fucking iPhone 7 I can’t even use the goddamned headphone jack

I’m not gonna trade for your 10 year old, scratched to SHIT Pioneer just because it has a USB port. Did you even ever read the manual? For Christ’s sake it says right there “iPod control only”

I’m also not going to trade for the OEM radio from your 2015 Altima. What the fuck good will that do me?!

The ad(s) state explicitly what I would like in trade for this functional, actually nice radio that is not good in the cramped cabin of a Camaro (there I met my quota for the day).


And by Bluetooth I don’t mean “I use this for my bludtooth[sic] with my phone”


An actual photo I received when I asked if their trade had Bluetooth. Fuck people. Fuck online marketplaces. And fuck this fucking radio.

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