Automakers, all or nothing! Either I handcrank/hold the switch to operate the window or it is automated in both directions. STOP this sheep-shuffling sh*t of having the DOWN function without the UP! The UP is the most important part!!

Think about drive-thrus. Most Americans pull away from the drive-thru window having to make some tight turn around the business, balancing this liter of scorching hot sugar-flavored imported bean water, and being in a hurry because the entire process took 3 minutes all while having to hold the window switch up because this damn Nissan Versa only has auto-down on the driverside window!!

This is safety people!! Gitdim SAFETY!!!!

This auto-down only crap is killing the American dream of being able to walk across the exit of a drive-thru without a 90% chance of having your legs obliterated by a driver with food in one hand, a window switch in the other, and blasting whatever Future is mumbling this week.