I hate selling bikes...

Selling my DT175 had a weird curveball to it.

The bike was running just fine then bam... nothing. Wouldn’t start. Narrowed it down to no spark. Changed the plug, still nothing.


Despite that I had no trouble selling it and I only lost $100 on it. Considering it needed tyres as well as a new coil, I’ll consider it breaking even. This means everything in my stable has a proper title...you have no idea how happy that makes me feel.

Annoyingly, despite my best precautions I still had trouble with buyers. I put “first come first serve” in my ad. Two guys offered to pay my asking price next day almost immediately while a third offered $100 less and wasn’t willing to budge on price. But he was willing to buy it that night.


I told him that the first guy offered more cash and he’s also super determined to pick it up in the morning, so unless he was willing to pay me more, I’ll just wait for the other guy. Nope, he wanted me to buy it for his price even though I didn’t want to. He wasn’t willing to budge on the his lower price, so I kept telling him I’ll wait for the other guy that is going to pay more. He kept ignoring me and demanding I sell it to him instead for less money. I finally got him to bump up his price a bit by offering to deliver it (he lives local-ish) and I agreed to meet him. Told him to give me 30 min to load up the trailer and that I’ll text him when I’m on my way. It was understood that he wouldn’t go anywhere until I was on my way.

Took me an hour to load up because a ratchet strap broke and I’m trying to load the trailer quietly (did I say it was 11pm?). He didn’t care, he was just pissed that he moved his cars around, got fuel, went to the meeting point, waited 30 min, and I never showed up. Uh dude, you weren’t supposed to leave until I texted you...not my fault you can’t follow instructions. So at that point I told him I really am going to sell to the other guy.


Other guy did as he said. Came over, handed me a was of cash, then was gone within five minutes.

Upon marking the bike sold I then got a flood of messages from different guys about how they were supposed to buy it. Yeah mate, first come first serve. This guy was willing to pay the price and show up first thing in the morning, too bad. Christ, I hate selling bikes...

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