Maybe hate is a bit drastic. I tend to lean towards the fact that any car hobby is good for the car hobby as a whole. Perhaps I should say that I don't understand show cars.

I like walking through a good show as much as the next guy. Here's a challenge though. Go to one of the big events like Good Guys and start popping open radiator caps. Odds are you'll find more than a few high dollar builds that have empty radiators. Cars that are built, trailered and showed as nothing more than a piece of art. They don't run at the time and many of them won't see more than an excursion across an auction block.

This post by Takuro Spirit - Trans cAMry really got me thinking about that. A nice Trans Am hood with an unfortunate hole cut out of it. I argue that while this hood may never be perfect again, a good body man can make it more than acceptable. For a car that's built to drive, do you want or need more?

I'll use my own Firebird as an example. Although I've rebuilt or replaced most everything on that car, I've kept as much of the factory items as I could. One glaring point that people ask me about are the headlight surrounds. The chrome is pitted or pitting. At the end of the day, those parts are cheap. Why not just replace them? Why? because I plan to drive that car. Drive the crap out of it actually. A few pits in the chrome are the least of the worries I have for the front end.


Those flaws that aren't obsessed over give the car character and add to it's story. For me, I want my car's story to be told in lap times, rock chips and broken parts. Not in a digital photo album next to a hermetically sealed bubble.