My stupid day

Got a call from my tenant (again) telling me the basement drains are backed up (again). This happened a few weeks ago and then last year, usually because some numpty in the 4 unit building thinks “flushable” wipes are flushable.

Normally it only floods the laundryroom which isnt a big deal because its tiled and there is plenty of room for the backup. This time it came in the furnace room and soaked the carpets in the bedroom adjacent. I call my stupid hoa’s property manager to find out when they are coming to clean up and i get a call back saying that they can send someone over but that im on the hook for the policies $10,000 deductable. I tell him that isnt in the cc&rs and, shockingly, he agrees and says it isnt, and that when i learn about utah sb167.

Sb167 was passed into law in 2011 and it changes the requirement for planned community insurance policies from 100% covered in premiums and deductable to 100% coverage of premiums but that each owner is in charge of their own deductable per claim.

Basically its designed to save property owners and real estate pros money in forcing people to carry the deducatable over covering it themselves.


Sb167 was sponsored and carried by a man whos listed profession is...surprise... real estate professional. He stood to personally stand to save tons of money by putting the burden on people in planned communities which (largly) are people who cant afford better or are on fixed incomes. Classy.

So now i need to handle this myself or with my insurance (which i have on the property) only to go on to fight this same hoa on several other issues related to a board who is openly biased against people who rent.

Cant wait to sell in the summer.

On the plus side i massively improved my trucks ride today


This is the TJM Xgs tiger adjustable on my cruiser, its basically an old rancho 9000 xls but foam core instead of nitro charged. Anyway, i dont think the rear suspension has been dialed for a long time and i couldnt find a happy medium between boat float comfort or harsh control, especially on roll and roll settling. I took off the adusting knob panel shown and cleaned up a LOT of crusty old grease that was paste dry and put it back together. The knob wasnt turning well and i hoped that cleaning up and lubing the piston below the know would do didnt. I did the other side and it was the same story, then i noticed the plunger on the knob was setup differently than the one i just did and i realized the old plunger was in backwards on the first shock (effectively setting the shock at forever setting 1...basically off or no damping). I pull it back apart, flip it around and reassmble. It turns better now with frim detents and smoother action. I set all the shocks to 4 (of 9) and drive.

Holy hell!

Smooth as silk but with some level of control (its still a little light on rebound). Setting it to 5 in back should get what i need. Its seriously a revelation in ride quality with these dual rate coils and now fully matched shocks, its damn near luxurious.