I have my first track day on the year on April 30th.

Last year I missed 75% of the season with a broken transmission, that was finally fixed mid-August.

I just found a puddle of trans fluid under the car.

Please send chocolate.

Edit: I talked to a guy at the shop who has been working on it. “Oh, yeah, it must be your drain plug still. It’s been leaking for awhile now. Didn’t we tell you?”

Time. The fuck. Out.

I had been told the drain plug on my *oil pan* had been leaking, and had been replaced. If they know it’s been leaking, why wasn’t I told and why wasn’t it replaced?

I’m literally shaking with anger right now, the shop is only about 5 minutes away and I’m really temped to go over there and just start shouting at people.


The fate of the LBC if it doesn’t shape up: