GLH=Goes Like Hell
they did no power increasing mods to this and just slapped some crap on it to make it “look cool” according to car and driver the old 1986 Omni GLHS with 175hp with 175 ft/lb went 0-60 in 6.5 and .81g on the sticky. The 2015 manual 1.4 turbo Dart C&D tested went 8.2 and .83g.

What a chunk of crap. 29 years later and this is the GLH they give us!!!!!!!! I want to barf in horror!
I will do the math for you.
29 years of chassis development 29 years of tire turbo engine management transmission suspension and this is the GLH they give us. Two hundredths better grip and 1.7 seconds worse acceleration, but I guess there may be something to be said about a 1.4 turbo making as much power as it does but its a GLHS!