I hate TV, but my wife watches it..

..and there’s this commercial, an anti-drug commercial, that has left me confused.

According to the stats in this commercial, 99% of children are offered drugs before they turn 18. My wife and I are in the other 1%. One of my exes was in the other 1%. My sister is in the other 1%. My ex did report trying smoking once as a teen, but none of the rest of us ever tried. We were also never offered alcohol underage...

I’ve never been offered illegal drugs in my life. I didn’t know what weed smelled like until I was 31 and moved to WA. This was also the first time I was offered the stuff, half-heartedly, because they knew I had never done it and had never smoked. It was legal at this point.


Are we all weird/square/whatever, or is this ad totally lying to us? What was your experience?

So this isn’t completely off topic, here’s a Lamborghini with a marijuana wrap (I think):

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