I hate to admit it, but I can tell winter is coming. Once it stops raining for the next few days, it's supposed to drop to the 40's for the next two weeks or so. The weatherwanker (tm) made it sound all optimistic, as if it would warm up after that, but we all know where that goes.

This means A) The Seven is going to be driven slightly less, due to precipitation. Any other day will be a drivable day, temperature be damned. B) I have to put the snow tires on the cars soon. Meh. C) Winter is depressing. The last few winters haven't even snowed much, just been shitty. Noone likes that. Either stay 60, or snow like there's no tomorrow.

Too damn tired. Been working more than I like, and being ran ragged at home. Can't even finish reading the day's Oppo. Obviously something has to change.