This phrase has been uttered by my wife on many occasions sometimes with me driving and other times with her driving. Often times it is followed by a comment about how a vehicle is being driven poorly and without care for others.

pictured: stock photo stolen from representing my wife seeing an stupid driver, a common occurrence in Californias

The thing is, I don't agree with her. For one thing she is proof POSITIVE that females are capable and adept at piloting a motorized vehicle as well and/or better than their male counterparts. She has taken driving clinics and done HPDE on more than one occasion and has had 300% less vehicle infractions than I have ever had. She is for all intents and purposes a, GOOD if not, EXCELLENT driver.

Every time SHE makes some derogatory comment about female drivers I feel compelled to remind her its not cool cool to generalize based on a few bad drivers (ha! California's population actually seems to be comprised mostly of bad drivers). But this got me thinking, is this view common among the fairer gender? Do most female drivers dislike other female drivers? And if so why? How is it some feel it's ok to make sweeping generalisations about their own sex when the amount of crappy men drivers is greater and their infractions worse?

I've already asked her and i want to see what You lot say about it. and if you are of the Female gender please comment, as I am very interested in what you have to say.