I decided to do the oil change on my wife’s 2010 Fit myself today. Usually She has her mechanic wrench on it her car’s. It what she’s always done and it gives her peace of mind.

How ever it was 100 miles over due, and we’ve making a 200 mile trip on Tuesday so I wanted it to get done. I learned three things two good, one not to good.

1. There is no plastic in the way of the oil drain plug, or filter. A proper oil change is still a one bolt job. I like that.

2. The Oil capacity, weight, and drain plug torque spec were all found in the owner’s manual. Nice to find all that without a google search!

3. Our Fit is a “Sport” model which means it has some “Mad Tyte” areo work. Which means You can’t fit a set or typical ramps under the front bumper. I had to had some 1x4" to the ramp so that the bumper wouldn’t drag.

Here’s a cool Fit. It’s silly, I like it.