I have a 2 yr old now

Or at least I will at about 7pm eastern. An official father of a 2 year old, which means my gray hairs will keep on coming. [Pic of her favorite HW car in real life.]

I still remember the day the 'stork' brought her to us. When she was born she was so small, teensy even; she was adorable. I actually witness the birth, it's crazy but it instills in you a wonderment about childbirth.


I was the first parent to hold her. I didn't know what to do, so I sang her a song. It was Baby's a Red by House of Heroes. Yep, I sang a song about falling in love with a communist woman in WWII to her. It's her song now.

And now she's 2. I've watched her grow taller, crawl forwards for the first time, and even walk. Watching a child grow up is a gift in itself.

Rock on daughter of mine, rock on. \m/.

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