Work needed it driven to make sure the CEL stayed off, and I’m all for trying new cars. Except this is the most poorly taken care of 2012 Fusion in existence I think.

It has 127k miles, every seat in the interior is badly stained; I actually had to clean the center stack/console, doors, and wheel just to feel clean driving it; the headliner is equally as gross; the front bumper has obviously been replaced and poorly paint matched; the rear bumper has been repainted and orange peeled to all hell, plus the bumper doesn’t fit right by the left tail light and the trunk doesn’t close correctly.

It’s a 4 cylinder with half decent power and it drives pretty nicely. I honestly think it would be a very good car were it taken care of. The buy-here, pay-here special it is now though it just awful. Hence why it’s on our buy-here, pay-here lot.