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I have a 4DR Wrangler for a week...any questions?

I’m in St. Paul for the work week and of all things I have a Wrangler for my rental. Oddly enough, it was the cheapest option.

So, I’m pretty happy because I fit a lot better in this than I do in the Sentra I had last time. Anyone have any questions about it?

My Jeep time prior to this was a 20 minute test drive of a 2015 4 door manual Sport trim during a torrential downpour so slight difference already. My daily is also a FoST so even bigger difference there. That being said, I really like this. It’s actually really cut down on the road noise vs the JK that I mentioned. It also just made me happy cruising on the highway (getting 22+ mpg) with the windows down.


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