I’ve only driven it like 5 miles in the dark. So most questions I’ll answer after more drive time tomorrow.

Things I have noted so far: Brake pedal is spongy, V6 exhaust note is... Odd, seat heater works VERY well, ride and handling so far is good for a Wrangler, parking brake pedal intrudes into the footwell way too much.


And it’s $50k.


AM Edit. Oh, that wasn’t the parking brake, it was the damn door strap poking me in the leg.

This pocket below the 12v/USB-Media outlet is dumb. Its wide, but not deep enough for a phone.


There is a LOT of wind noise coming from up here at 40MPH+


Fuel mileage sucks, but it is a big brick so of course it does.


I think my truck is getting done today (timing cover gasket leaking) so I’ll be giving the Jeep back.

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