I’m an animal lover. My mother raised me that way, as she was too. She was only around for the first eleven years of my life, but her lessons are still engrained in my mind. So, when I see a dog, cat, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, or even a bird in the road, my instinct is to slam the brakes and swerve around said animal. I know that’s stupid, I promise. I know swerving can cause worse accidents.

It’s like, in those situations, I immediately swerve. Afterwards, I’m cursing myself for it. Because I know how dangerous that was, and I know I need to continue on my path and just hit whatever little critter had the unfortunate idea of running out in front of my moving vehicle.

How in the world do I break this habit? Animals in Kentucky must be dumber than most, or else just more plentiful. I’d say once a week or so, I have a near miss with some type of creature.

The S10 and I almost took out a freakishly tall deer the other night, in fact. Would have been interesting to see if the 21-year-old truck’s airbag even worked.


Overall, I feel like I’m just not a very good driver. I love driving and I’ve been doing it for ten years, but I’m not the best. It sucks. I have to slam the brakes a lot, or else I feel like I do when I really don’t. I also tend to slightly overreact if another car tries to pull out in front of me or drifts into my lane. I’m a bit paranoid, I guess. Not sure why. I’ve never been in a serious accident. I’ve had two fender benders (one shortly after I got my license in 2006 and another in the summer of 2008). Both times, I bumped the rear end of the car in front of me. I got lucky each time that the driver of the car I hit declined to notify the police or call their insurance.

I’m going to have a kid in my car soon. I have got to get better. :-(