My my, look how big we've gotten.

So my local Subaru dealer has been a total bro when my WRX needed a little warranty work(electric power steering defect, it happens but I'm not mad) and gave me this new off the lot Forester for the night. I'm the 2nd butt in this seat! Any opponauts that have been in the market for one of these have any questions you can't ask your dealer?

I've got a premium trim with the 2.5 NA and a cvt, here's my observations so far

1) Going back to an auto after finally learning manual sucks. LEFT LEG, WAT R U DOING?

2) CVT technology doesn't seem to improved a ton since my dad's '03 hybrid escape I learned to drive on. Acceleration sort of happens eventually, at its own pace. Once you're in the powerband it's fine but it really doesn't want to stay there.


3) This fucking moonroof. I'd sacrifice some of my wrx's rigidity for this massive thing. Paging Mr. Demuro, if I can fit a small chain gun through here can I fight your Hummer?

4) so the multifunction display, head unit, and center console pieces are identical to the one in my WRX and they're both premium trim, why doesn't this one do anything? The toggle to swap between gauges, mileage, music display, and traction monitor(go home Subaru, you're not a jeep) on the wrx isn't even present and instead it's just stuck on a dumb mileage screen forever. Why does the sports car have more functionality than a bulky wagon?


5) Speaking of wagon, damn gurl you got big. I haven't driven a Forester in a few generations and I'm shocked that now I'm at eye level with smaller trucks. What happened to ground clearance without being 10 feet up?

6) Dat suspension. Awful North Country roads that torture the rex daily got soaked up really nicely, I'm sure a lot that is the tall sidewalls but I could definitely see this putting a sleepy codriver to bed on the roughest of stages.