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Today is a good day, not only because it is Friday, but because I have in my possession, for the next 7 days, a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V coupe with a 6spd manual transmission.


The exterior looks beautiful covered in Cadillacs pearly Crystal White Tricoat, and the interior is something other than black for a change. Light Platinum they call it, and it’s somewhere between white, and grey, and it works, oh boy does it work.

This thing also has the Recaro Performance Seats, Luxury Package, and the all important Performance Data Recorder, which I will be taking full advantage of on some of my favorite canyon roads.


I’ve driven both the ATS-V sedan, and coupe at Willow Springs a few times, but only got half an hour on the street with one of them. I’ll be upfront about the fact that I’m a huge fan of this car on the track, and it’s going to take a glaring issue with its street manners for my overall opinion of it to be anything less than excellent.

However, you never know, maybe it’s dull to drive around in traffic, or not such a great place to hangout for an extended period of time. I doubt it, but anythings possible I suppose.


So, what do you guys want to know about it? I’ll dive into the spirit of the car in the story following my time with it, but are there details you’re curious about? Little things that I might overlook? Leave your questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them directly.

Oh, keep an eye on my Instagram for lots of pretty pictures of the car, as I found out yesterday, it photographs really, really well.


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