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I have a confession

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The Jeep is a better fit for me than the 4Runner.

I drove the 4Runner and the Grand Cherokee back to back yesterday. The Jeep has a much more comfortable driving position than the 4Runner for me. I rarely, if ever, drive the Jeep. I’m tall, and the 4Runner has the typical Toyota (maybe it’s just Toyota SUV/truck) issue of the steering column not extending enough to make the seat position comfortable for tall people. Is it horrible? No. But it’s just enough to make it not perfect. If I had to choose between the two for a comfortable cross country trip, the Jeep would win hands down. If I had to take the 4Runner, it would be completely fine, just not as comfy.


On the flip side, riding shotgun in the Grand Cherokee sucks. The footwell shape is terrible and my feet and up skewed to the right, which means I never want to ride in the thing. I can’t ride passenger in the 4Runner, the passenger side seat is not height adjustable, and with the sunroof, I have no head room. Jokingly, I told my wife yesterday I should take the Jeep, and trade the 4Runner in on a new ride for her. She likes the Jeep, though, and has no desire to replace it.

No Mustang news. I’ve ordered some parts for it, and plan on ordering more soon. The stockpiling of parts begins!

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