...I like a bunch of small, crappy, Polish-built cars.....is there something wrong with me?

1: We all know I want a FIAT 126p and it will probably be the car I import - ~$4-6k in great shape from Poland.....especially if I can get one in a bright color like orange or yellow :D

2. FSO Polonez Caro (pre-Daewoo) - it’s just a basic Polish-bred hatchback, but for some reason I love their boxy, plain look...especially in beige (I know, what am I, 70yrs old? :P). The non-Rover, 1.4L or 1.5L engine would be fine, thanks! Plus, LOOK AT THE CARO DECAL! LOOK AT HOW 90's IT IS!


3. The FIAT Cinquecento....a tiny, basic box - descendant of the FIAT 126p in spirit. Nippy little town car, though not fast with an ~800cc engine. The 1.1L Sporting is even nippier and has some decent speed to it, although no airbags and being small means not terribly safe! Basic and decently reliable though, and the Sporting would be a fun little runabout....I mean, asymmetrical tow-hook and intake vent! :P


Is there a ‘Smaller Polish-built Cars Anonymous’?

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