I’ve been thinking lately that I’d love to build a skateboard mini ramp in my backyard. My ideal design would be a 4” half pipe with a 2x6 hump in the middle with 2’ on either side of the hump. The transitions would be 8’ long so they’d be pretty mellow.

For any of you who are organized people. I’m sorry for the way I didn’t organize this AT ALL.

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Overall it Will measure 27’x4’x4” which comes out to about 32 cubic feet (27x4x.3). But I’m rounding up to 35 because it’s not a flat surface. Remember kids always round up when budgeting a project. And then round up again. So 35 cubic ft is 1.3 cubic yards.

From my bit of research before laying concrete I should lay a 6 inch layer of gravel. That gravel should come to about 40 bucks as it’ll be about 2 cubic yards. Which I messed up on the first time. I forgot it’ll be 6” not 4” like the concrete. The concrete should be about 250 bucks if we round up to 2 cubic yards. Again over estimate. Both the gravel and concrete prices are only google results not actual pricing from local companies.

I’ll need 3 4x8 sheets of 1/2” ply. 6 2x4s at least and I’m guessing 30 cinder blocks for fill in. I should be able to lay them flat with the open edges facing the wood molds. The last component would be reinforcing mesh, and if necessary rebar.

I’m thinking realistically it’ll cost 500 bucks. A cost that I’m totally comfortable with. And not actually much more than a wood ramp once you count the cost of Skatelite. That crap is expensive 200 bucks per 4x8 sheet so 800 bucks right there. And being an outdoor ramp regular plywood won’t do.


Anyway if any of you guys have experience in this department, or have noticed and glaring flaws In my plan let me know lol. I might also chat some costs by not including the hump in the middle. I initially wanted two until I found out how much concrete costs. Yeah I think I’d loose the hump and just do a 6’ flat. I could always built a wooden hump and then it could be removable.  

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