I have a job offer. Finally. But I counted with a slightly higher figure. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire.

So I went out yesterday to go to my interview with the BAR. Turns out the position is in their “lab” and I’d be preparing undercover cars and taking them to shops around the state. That’s cool, but not what I pictured. I thought I’d be handling complaints against shops, or doing other administrative work. But the interview was a hands on try out, and there were no typical interview questions like why I want the job, or why I’d be good at it. And the technical questions threw me off because it’s crap I don’t do anymore. They asked several questions about automatic transmissions and planetary gear sets, but I’ve never built a trans in the field, only school, and I don’t get a lot of call for transmission diagnosis outside of electrical issues.

So, I doubt I’ll even get a job offer for that. Which sucks because the pay is excellent and so are the benefits. But I’ll hold out hope that the other candidates don’t know anything. And there’s still the chance I’ll get called for an interview on the two other BAR positions, which I’d rather have because it’s for the lead investigator. And that sounds fun.

But to the job offer. I talked last week about my interview with Audi, and I didn’t want to take a pay cut. Well, they were supposed to call me on Friday, but they didn’t, so I was irritated. But, I figured I’d stop by in the way back from the BAR. And I’m glad I did. It turns out the foreman didn’t call me because he was going back and forth with the manager trying to come up with a dollar figure. And the foreman was pushing for more money. Not what I’m making now, but still. The fact he was fighting for more money says a lot. And apparently both the manager and the foreman want to hire me over a guy with Audi dealership experience. So that’s huge. But, I countered their offer, but only by a dollar, and it’s the figure the foreman was shooting for. So we’ll see what happens. I’ve got an okay feeling about the place. I talked to the service manager for quite a while, and the foreman kept saying how he really wants me there. So hopefully the offer is there even if they turn down my figure. I think it would be a good place to work, and after 90 days I’ll be making a lot more.

And I really want out of my current shop. My boss is just fucking bipolar crazy, and I have an Oppo witness! WrongWheelDrive came by and I smogged his now California legal Miata, and tried to adjust his exhaust. This was after hours, but my boss stayed and then he was yelling at me to hurry up. I told him I’d lock up and he said no, he wanted to wait. And then he yelled at WrongWheelDrive to get out, and yelled at me saying it wasn’t a playground. But WrongWheelDrive wasn’t doing anything. My boss is just insane. And the bipolar part. When I started he said I could do side jobs. But now he said I can “do that shit at home.” HA! Yeah.. Fuck that. If he wants to be like that he can have my key back and open the shop and always be around to close up.