So I’ve been living with the VX220 for about 6 months now roughly (still yet to do an oppo review, that will come at some point)

As we’re getting closer to winter I’m finding that 1 thing is massively lacking and that is a decent heater, the screen fogs up fairly quickly and the heater barely helps keeping the screen clears o decided to get a 2nd car for the winter and here it is;

it’s a Rev2 so not the worst one of the lot (rev1) but not the best power wise, got a few things needing to be done to it such as respray all over due to the boot colour and rear bumper has cracked paint and the rest is rather faded (doesn’t show that in the pics)

The exhaust is so loud that the previous owner gave me some earplugs for the drive home and had to sit at 80mph to get it a bit quieter at 4krpm instead of 65-70 which was very basses and unbearable so the exhaust will be changed


I’ll try to keep oppo updated every now and then with things that I do but if you want to follow my project ‘minx’ (previous owner named it that but I’ll stick with it) then I’ll get pics of updates on my instagram