No, not the car, the other pile of junk. We know a good junk man who we pay to haul shit away a couple of times a year. It is spring, man, and this shit has got to go.

A couple of interesting asides. There is a kid who is about 23 who works for the junk man who LOVES old Japanese cars. He is over the moon for the Sunchaser, and talks my ear off about the car when he comes. As you would expect, I admire this young man’s class and intelligence.

Yes, that is an awesome cat tower being chucked. Pumpkin could not climb it, and the dogs decided they needed to stop her from using it by pissing all over it. I love them, but they can be assholes sometimes.


The Sunchaser is running better than ever, and we are very close to eliminating its last leaks. We rally April 28 and 29, and if the weather looks good, I may do a 500 mile round trip this week.

Some legal bullshit will be shoved in the middle, but that is incidental to the car.