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I have a plan to make people mad when I'm 40

Photo by Jason Thorgalsen Photography (Apparently)

When i’m 40/50, I hope ill have enough money to buy two cars. One would be my DD, something like a Turboed Rocket Bunny V3 Subaru BRZ. The other would be something much more controversial. It goes something like this:

A while ago I saw post here on oppo showing some Supercars (488, 458, Ford GT) damaged by Harvey, and while many people were mouring the loss of those cars in the comments, I was thinking “I see an LS-Swapped Race Car” I thought about it more, and now here I am, writing this post. So my so called plan is to go on my favorite website of all time, Copart and find a nice flooded (least body damage) supercar or expensive sports car, not unlike this Audi R8 I just found:


It seems not to have major damage other than the front grille and mirror. But this R8 is flooded and therefore, the engine probably doesn’t run or it doesn’t run well, Ok, so heres where my plan gets controversial: What do you do to a car that has no engine or has a slow one:

Built LS6 with a claimed 450HP

You LS swap it of course! Now I know what those of you who aren’t any fun are going to say: “Stop ruining cars with LS Swaps!” But, heres the thing, A flooded car is already ruined, so its not like an LS is going to ruin it more, right? Ok after the LS Swap would be done, I would then do something most opponauts would like: Rip out every single piece of interior, add some carbon fibre bits and a racing seat, for it to end up something like this:


The next step would be to add, oh I dont know, maybe a Liberty Walk kit:


After that I would put an official Audi Livery on it, you know, for good measure:

Just Imagine this thing with an LS6

And that would be my track monster, you know, because I would be so unfancily fancy to buy an Ariel Atom. Feel free to leave your comments about this

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