So run down old Japanese motorcycles tend to follow me home, a little like lost dogs. They never run, sometimes have paperwork, are sometimes worth far more as parts than complete but are always interesting machines that deserve a better fate than I found them in. I’m rescuing them, or at least that’s what I tell myself...

The above is a trio of once battered and neglected beasts built a half a world away, and have not likely run since I was in grade school. They include a 73 Honda CB750 K4, a 74 Honda CB360 and a 74 Suzuki GT380. I even plan on heading back to the undisclosed location where I retrieved the above and rescuing atleast another batch, possibly more.

80 CM400a on its way to becoming a running machine again

So I have a day job which keeps me pretty busy, but I have this other cause which seems to drive me deeper and deeper into madness every month. I love these old bikes, and want to see them back on the road. I have (in my garage) 3 motorcycle projects in various states, 2 being parted out, and another 4 out behind the house in a shed queued up for work. The herd keeps growing. The thing is that I don’t even look for them any more! Enought people know I do this, that word of mouth means that these poor old aluminum and steel animals keep finding me. The cost is usually so low that I have to go and rescue them as people usually simply want them gone and will accept a pittance for these once fine machines.


I also occasionally ask some of these beautiful beasts to offer up their lifeblood to keep others running and to fund the rebuild of others more deserving in my stable. Most cases when I part something out I do feel guilty, but I know these parts go on to keep other old bikes running. The exceptions to this rule are when a bike is relatively new and soul-less (currently stripping an 05 VTX1300 and an 01 R6).

Battered 05 VTX1300 in center, front end of 80 CM400a, and most of an 01 R6 in above photo


In short, I apologizefor the rambling, and I know I have a problem, but I don’t want help. I, as most addicts, believe I am fine and am doing more good than harm to the motorcycling world. I am afraid some day my wife will come to her senses and call a jumker to clear this place out while I’m at work, but until that day I will keep collecting these beautiful machines that just need a little love.

PS: If you know of any motorcycles in need of a better life and a new home that are within a couple hours of St Louis I know a place that they will be cared for...