How do you install a seal when the thing the seal goes into is colder than the coldest thing in your freezer?

My motor mounts came in today, along with some other parts because when you’re paying for overseas shipping you combine orders.

Among the parts are a pair of trans input shaft seals, cause I noticed the one in there was weeping a little. Not a lot, but worth replacing while I had the engine out.

Conventional method for inserting seals is freeze the bugger so it shrinks, and with the temperature differential from where it goes it slides in nicely and snugs up when it warms back up. But the Niva’s been sitting basically outside for six months, and it’s -25°C out there, (warmer than I expected!) which means with the freezer only going to -22 the best I can do is get the two to about the same temperature. It’s supposed to warm up to -15 next week, but I don’t know if that’ll be enough to make much difference...