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Have any of you made suspension changes? One of my only issues with my Legacy is how it rides. The roads where I live are pretty shit, and the wagon doesn’t seem very happy with them. My E24 was probably the best riding car I’ve ever had, it floated over bumps and ruts. I’d like to be closer to that, ideally without switching to smaller wheels. I like my 5 spokes quite a bit. It’s only got 40k kms on it, so nothing is worn out, it’s just not very good stock struts, and low profile tires, I assume. I’ve found that Bilstein only makes front shocks, which isn’t super helpful. For ease of installation, I’m looking at coilovers. I’m assuming that most coilovers are designed with handling or stance in mind, so I’m not sure what to look at for a better ride overall. I’m fine if it lowers it a little bit, but something with enough adjustability to stay around stock height would be ideal. If this were an old BMW like I’m used to, I’d just do Bilstein HDs, since they ride wonderfully, but that’s not an available option I guess.

Here’s what this random website has for an 06 Legacy.


If I want to be real fancy, there’s Ohlins

So yeah, have any of you done anything like this, or know of anyone who has? I haven’t delved into Subaru forums at all, that’s my next step.

My Legacy for your time, also why I want to stay near stock height.