I want a car with 3 pedals. It’s been something that’s been shoved in the back of my head since I bought the M3 and it was round-house kicked straight to the front of my mind with the introduction of my friend’s $600 ‘Stang.

Now, there’s a dealership local to me that has a 2006 Mazda6 V6 Grand Sport with a 5-speed. It’s at the same dealer my ex bought her Taurus from and that was/is a good car outside of the typical issues Fords of that era have, so I trust the place isn’t a sleazy lot with shit cars. If I sold the M3 I could pay all cash for the car. This is where my dilemma lies.

I have so much emotional/financial investment in the M3 I don’t know if I could bring myself to sell it. I’ve tried in the past and couldn’t bring myself to hand over the keys to anyone. I just love the car so damn much despite its flaws and faults. But, I know it’s an almost 180,000 mile, 18 year old BMW and stuff is going to start breaking at an even faster rate. The gas mileage isn’t great and I can ever only use 3 seats at a time because it’s so tiny inside.

Now here’s the question. Do I sell the M and buy the Mazda and have myself a manual, still fun to drive sedan, or do I keep the M3 through college and then buy a newer, manual car when I graduate and keep the M as a toy?


Here’s the ad for the Mazda, if the car changes anything: