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I have a rental...

I dropped my Mustang off at the body shop on Monday morning to fix my little dent.

Of course I got a rental car, but it didn’t quite go the way I thought it should. I was of course expecting something like a Nissan Altima, but that didn’t even happen.


The guy at Enterprise was funny.

“What do you think about trucks?”
“I hate them with a fiery passion, why?”
“How about SUVs?”
“I’m not a fan.”
“I’m looking to see what we have for you. I don’t have anything comparable to a Mustang...”
“How about a nice anonymous sedan? Thought that’s what I would end up with.”

We went outside and looked. He had a lot full of trucks and SUVs.

“How about a nice small SUV?”
“Sure, it seems like that’s all you have.”

So I ended up with this:

It’s not small...

V6 with less power than I’m used to. Sits too tall. no backup camera...

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