For the week while the FoST is finally getting some body work done. Was a pain getting quotes and then an appointment but by next week, I’ll be whole.

Charger is a 2015 model, SXT, dark blue, 8 speed auto, 3.6L V6. Ask me anything about it if you want.


It feels like a boat but highway cruising is very comfortable.
The 8-speed auto likes to stay around 1500 rpms (seriously, at 72mph and 8th gear it is at 1500).
Putting your foot down will have the Charger happily downshift a couple gears to get you to 4000+ rpms.
3.6L V6 puts out 292hp and 260 lb-ft...with a heavy car it still surprised me in the mid-range rpms with deceptive speed.
UConnect system or whatever is smooth. Haven’t paired my phone yet.

Wish I had a V8.