Ok so I've decided on wheels unless Atara Racing starts being responsive. I preordered the wheels two months ago and was told that they would be hear by the end of August but now the US supplies is telling me he has no idea when they will actually arrive because the contact at Atara has been pretty quiet.

This is just aggravating as a consumer and makes me think less of the brand as they had everyone wait months for wheels then BAM no dice. I understand it's still not August however with no update or even a picture of the gold color option I chose I will most likely get something made right here in the USA . MericA !

So now my question to you oppo is what tires should I be using or what are my options. First hand experience is preferred.

keep in mind :

I daily drive the car .

It doesn't rain / snow in austin much.

The car has a 5.3 swap and T56 so I need grip.

SIZE : 215 - 295 on a 15" wheel that will be 10-11" wide.

123 Go !