Look, I love my GTI and I plan on holding on to it for some time, especially since selling it now with dieselgate would be really stupid. But ever since State Farm crushed my dreams of having a muscle car when I was 19, I’ve had this desire to own something with a big V8 and rear-drive.

While I’m not giving up the VW anytime, soon part of our sickness as Jalops is to be constantly thinking about that “next car” even if it’s not going to happen for a long time.

Camaros and Mustangs are great, but there is something about the Mopar attitude that I prefer in my modern muscle cars. They aren’t really interested in bombing apexes or running with the Europeans on the Ring. Their objective is simple, go fast, be loud and look badass. I can respect that.

So if and when there comes a point in time where I need a larger car to haul the kiddies, I’d like a Charger Scat Pack. The Hellcat is awesome, but if I’m honest I don’t really want 700hp car in a daily driver. I value my life and my driver’s licence too much. The Scat Pack’s 485 horses is still more than enough and I can get most of the Hellcat’s looks for less...plus the wife really digs these too for some reason.


And some of you will jump in the comments and say... “blah, blah, FCA quality...” and all that, but hey I already bought a Volkswagen so long term durability isn’t exactly a priority.