Dat bodyroll tho.

I believe that asshole Audi drivers will emigrate to Kia Stingers and Hyundai N30s.

It already happened with Kia Sportage SUVs that come from the factory with seven years of warranty and engines just as powerful as Audi’s Q3. Maybe after years of Germanic maintenance prices they are ready to let go of EDM and embrace KDM culture. So is probably true of the Stinger.

In a sense Audi has always been playing catch up to BMW and Mercedes, from the very beginning Audi has been seen as a rebadged VW product where BMW and Mercedes never had to put up with that and also had years and years of heritage and history in motorsport that Audi just couldn’t combat with.


For many years Audi was the underdog that had to prove its worth. But now it’s Hyundai’s turn with the Stinger and the N30. These cars suffer from typical turbocharged over-eagerness, and a really, really good set of highbeams that will be used to scare people off the fast lane, and in some cases a good amount of reported understeer. But as a good owner I am going ahead and denying my car ever fucking oversteered you biased news media. (Hint: it does just don’t say it over at Stingerforums.)

I can tell some will emigrate because of how the throttle and shiftpoints are tuned, you have comfort and eco; that basically kill the engine, and sport mode; which is really good at hiding the oodles of turbo lag this engine has. Sport mode is there when you want to be a true dick and plow through the fast lane.


These cars are also granted the pseudo anonymity Audi’s enjoyed for many years. They just don’t look like flashy cars. Most of them had multitronic CVTs and are front wheel drive! How could the asshole burning up their tires be in an Audi? Well. Putting it mildly: Welcome to RennSport.

Kia’s are still seen as competition to Camrys with slow, economy based tuning, and front wheel drive. But oh, how did that change with the addition of twin turbo chargers to the Lambda II or the 270hp N engine? or the LSDs?


I can see it coming.... real fast, like that asshole in a Q7 flashing their highbeams in the middle lane.