It's been an incredible journey. I spent three years and 30,000 kilometers with this little gem. I drove it as far as Portland, (from Calgary) raced it on frozen lakes and wooed countless women with it.

I had a misfire diagnosed by a mechanic and it turned out much worse than I feared. My 1989 Swift GTi has a stuck valve on cylinder #3 and the head would need to be machined to fix it. The rust has penetrated both rocker panels, (structural) I live 2,200 miles from it now and it wouldn't pass Ontario smog due to the modifications. It's sadly time to let go.

I wanted it to be my forever car. The previous owner raised his kids in it and naive as it might sound, I wanted to do the same. i got 36/54 mpg with it and loved every minute of it. Parts for the rare G13B engine are pricey and I spent $2,700 maintaining it over the years.

I can still remember driving out past city limits in that car at night with Lazerhawk playing through the two paper dash speakers. It wasn't perfect but she was my car and I loved her. She outlasted all my dating relationships too.

I drove it to cruise nights, whipped it around on gravel roads and raced a million stop light drag races in it. (it wasn't fast but it was fun) I put that little car through a lot and it just kept working mile after mile. it was so good to me.


It doesn't make sense to drop another $4,000 into a $3,000 car with nearly 200k on it. It's time to let go but letting go is still hard. I took this picture a few weeks ago during my visit to my parents house because I knew it would be the last time I ever drove it.

I'll be giving the parts away in the hope that other Swifts can live on. I can't bear to think of it being crushed and going to waste.

I'm buying a new car but it won't be the same. Lily, nothing can ever replace you. I'll always remember.