It seems I’m super lucky. About 75% of the time I do the brakes on an older car at least 1 caliper will be seized or messed up in some way. It’s a remarkable record.

Finally getting the front half of the BMW back together and I notice that the rotors and pads are getting up there. Luckily it is also Black Friday and I live by Bav Auto. $115 later and I’m driving home with a full brake kit for the front of the car.

I made my 10 year old son come out and help because everyone should know how to do brakes. Driver side went smoothly, 15 minutes or so and it all works as it should. The boy excuses himself to go play with his toys and I get the driver side down off of stands for the first time in month and a half and sitting on new (to me) snow tires.

Onward to passenger side. Naturally the caliper is seized. Go to open the bleed nipple to see if it’s something I can work with and the damn thing snaps off. Screw it, there’s bourbon in the house and I’ve been out here long enough for the day.


Options are wait for tomorrow and get a rebuilt caliper from Bav Auto for $40, or visit one of the many parts stores for one on their rebuilds today. I think I’ll go with option 2. I learned long ago that rebuilding it myself is not worth the time for the small savings when just replacing it is so easy.

What do you guys think? Autozone, Oreilly, Napa, Advance, Sanel, Pep Boys? Any good/bad experiences with their rebuilt calipers? Most likely they all come from the same place and have different labels put on them but figured I’d ask. From a quick search prices are similar. I’ve put the cheapest Autozone ones on a couple cars and never had an issue in the past.