Photo: Me

If you’re in the Porsche Club of America, you should really open up this month’s Panorama. I’m in it! With the Porschelump! You should read it! I drink beans from a shoe, and my car breaks! It’s good!


My dudes over at the Everyone Racers podcast (which I was on last week!) actually got their copy first and let me know it was on the way. I was wondering why people were asking me questions about mayonnaise, and then I saw that my eternal words of wisdom made it into the “about” section:

I mean, it is.

The article itself is the tale of woe of my 944's last race at Nola Motorsports Park, where my lone good, reliable car finally had some issues.


Anyway, it’s always beyond cool to have a physical thing with my writing in it. If you don’t have the physical thing, Panorama puts its archives up here, but I think you need a PCA login to access it.

If you’re not in the PCA, you should buy a parsh. I’m just saying.